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To those concerned, I have returned relatively intact and fine.

If I discuss it with you, I discuss it with you.

If I don't, you don't want to pressure me.


However, most of you don't want to be around me right now. I'm fucking drinking myself into a healthy oblivion, please and thanks.

And Li? In regards to our world, unless it's a customer, I don't want to be bothered for a while.
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If Li is about, the yard of suddenly lights up with that bright, purple-white light. That familiar bight, purple-white light.

And when when the light show collapses, Altalita is left in its wake. Bruised, beaten, stinking of Ozone (among other things), and collapsing onto her hands and knees panting. She is, also, only wearing the underwear she chose on the day she left for that party.

Seems our dear Dimension Witch has been through a Hell of a wringer.

If Li doesn't see it, then he's informed by the twins.

"Mistress is back!" They both suddenly shout.

"From where she was fated to be." Says Akiva

"From what she was fated to see." Says Aviva.

"It was as we told you, young Li." Both again. "She has returned!"

OOC meme!

May. 23rd, 2008 05:33 pm
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Want to know what Ylita really thinks of your pup? Comment here with them!

Answers are OOC unless otherwise requested.


Yes, you can post more than one pup.


Apr. 27th, 2008 12:39 am
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For the record?

There are times I fucking hate the goddamn nexus.

Li, if you need me, I'm going to be getting drunk out of my goddamn gourd. Which means I don't want to be bothered until it's Monday.
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Samba Logpost: Ylita's Clow, Will Scarlette, Ryley, Ylita, Mokona cameo towards the end.

Sometimes, the Nexus and Fate like to fuck with everyone's heads and make folks meet. This is the case of Ylita's Clow, from several years into the future, visiting for a second time.

Have the sillyness of Clow remembering an incident when he was Li, as well as other bits of fun times :D

Cut for length and her pleasure )
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I'm pregnant.

And it's yours.


Jan. 1st, 2008 04:16 pm
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A happy new year goes out to all, sweets~

Don't expect much out of me today, Li. Maaaaaaaassive hangover.
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Christmas is in two days. I do hope it all goes well~

I might see if I can convince Li to make a big Christmas dinner.
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Ah, December. The herald of wintery days and snow in many places.

It's what makes me greatly thankful for lovely, lovely hot springs that tolerate my vices. All of my vices. Ehehe.

Hmm. Perhaps I should have Li break out the egg nog.


Nov. 25th, 2007 02:57 pm
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So, that Nexus place is both interesting and entertaining.

So, I think I'll hang around, and poke at the locals with proverbial sticks and see what happens.

And dispense the occasional wish, if I'm not muscling in on Ms. Ichihara's territory, anyway~.

You never know, I might get lucky! But luckyness later. I think I'll poke Li into going on another alcohol run.


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