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It's not unusual, especially if things are going slow, for Altalita to vanish for a few days, only to reappear later, smelling heavily of booze, opium, and occasionally sex.

What is, unusual, however, is the fact that she hasn't returned yet. She generally stops by the shop every twenty four hours or so, except she hasn't since the party.

She's not Fated to die, so she's alive, but where on earth is she?
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To say that her shop had the regular occasional trickle of visitors would be stating the obvious.

Today, however, was different.

Cue the arrival of a woman in a black business suit... )

(( Inspiration hit me last night, so. ))
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From Changeling's recommendation, finding Altalita's version of the wishing shop is a fairly easy task. Like previously stated, if it wants to be found, it'll be found. Especially if Fate decrees it must be.

Of course the Nexus adds in an element of Chaos to this, but what can you do, but make sure the wards are strong, and hope for the best?

From the outside, it looks like an elaborate old house. Older than the hills itself, but very obviously well taken care of, if surrounded by an ancient large fence. A light snow blankets the roof of the house and the trees outside, as well as the surrounding area.

Because he's invariably (and most likely unknowingly) lightly tangled in the elaborate web of Altalita's own place in Fate, Enzan is permitted to enter past the gate.


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