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In a sunnier spot of the Nexus, we have Altalita lounging in a lounge chair with a drink on a nearby matching table, a great big umbrella over her, and her feet in a kiddie-style pool. She's wearing sunglasses and a sort of billowy butterfly-print skirt. Currently, she's reading a book.

There's shady spots nearby, as well.

All in all, fairly uneventful. Of course, visitors are never minded by any stretch of the imagination.

((Like the one before it, this is an open post. Separate threads are treated as separate events due to *NEXUS!* unless otherwise requested or specified. G'wooon. Say hello if y'wish!))
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The Sanctuary is not the only place Altalita Bastion haunts. In fact, she has several in the Nexus that she regularly passes through.

One such place is the True and Brew Coffee Shop in the Nexus. Inside the AVF, and far enough away from any of the fighting, that it wouldn't be much of a bother. It's also far enough away from her Nexus Shop to, you know, be somewhere different.

And so, she sits in the outside Café, with a hot cup of slightly spiked Joe, with her white and pink iFate laptop out and checking various daily events throughout several worlds and the Nexus itself. She's wearing another one of her sort of elaborate outfits, although today involves pants and high boots, and a loose top with her preferred billowy sleeves. Her hair is up in a high ponytail with several strands of it over her shoulders, and several beads to hold it this way.

Of course, knowing how much of a social butterfly our dear Ms. Bastion is, she likely not to mind any sort of company!

((Open post! Anyone can meet her, and individual threads are treated as separate events so we have no clashes between folks, two people can meet her at the same time, and not meet each other through virtue of Weird Nexus Time!))


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