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Name:Altalita Bastion, Servant of Fate
Birthdate:Jun 21
Website:Contact the Mun!
"Come in, come in, dear." Altalita smiles, "Would you like a drink?" ~ Altalita Bastion

Artwork done by the wonderful Yumegari. She is awesome.

Name: Altalita Bastion (NOTE: This is one of many aliases, and scry spells and any other methods to attempt to bring up her real name will fail without question, this also includes her birthday)
Age: Unknown, is presumably immortal in the sense that she doesn't age.
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color and Consistency: Altalita's hair is long, straight, and black. Worn in a variety of styles.
Eye Color: Blue, frequently described as 'piercing'.
Race: Human, Caucasian of possibly mixed ancestry (Although this, too, could be faked. Really, you expect her to keep the same appearance forever?)

Curvy. Attractive. And damn aware of this fact, and frequently dresses to flaunt it. Altalita is semi-short, although this rarely stops her from walking into a room like she fucking owns the place. She tends to dress ornately, as well. To cement her uniqueness further, and to attract attention, because, well. She likes the attention, to be frankly honest.

See also, the first blurb-thing here.


The Altalita that most people know and are aware of is the playful flirt, the teasing drunken lush, and the cheerful individual. This is intentional. And to some degree, it's true. This is a good portion of who she is, and why it's so *REAL* is because it is honest to an extent.

However, below that surface is a more serious woman. One who's lived a long time, and seen the Big Picture for how it plays out in its myriad of ways. Both good and bad. A woman who's a servant to Fate, and utterly powerless to stop it without a third party's intervention. And more aware of this fact than anything else.

The more 'Serious' Altalita is planning, cool, thoughtful, and will show herself only to individuals she trusts, such as Li, among others such as the various Clows she knows (Although the latter is generally in a more private venture). She's still playful and flirty to an extent when she's serious, but that's because, as stated above, it's her.

Her personality flaws are, however, large. She's addicted to drinking, as it takes an inhuman amount at this point to actually get her drunk, and opium (Which takes far less to have an effect). She uses both of these as an escapism tool (And sex, as well, admittedly).


Altalita, as a Mistress of Fate, has many powers Fate has granted her. The ability to create living beings, gods, wards of extraordinary power, the ability to transverse dimensions and times (and send others as well), and so forth. Altalita can also sense many things about an individual upon meeting them, and tends to notice things about them that others don't.

How that works, clarified (The logbit with Kate).

Altalita can communicate in a manner similar enough to psychic communication, as well.

She also can know damn near everything about someone upon hearing their name. The name is not a requirement for this, but it helps in narrowing down the 'search' through Fate's web. MUNLY INTERVENTION CAN PREVENT THIS. IF I OVERSTEP MY BOUNDS, YOU ARE FREE TO LET ME KNOW, AND I WILL CORRECT MY MISTAKE BY ANY MEANS REQUIRED.

Altalita can grant nearly any wish for the price Fate demands in exchange. This is an equal price (as far as Fate's concerned), and non-negotiable. The individual has a right to leave the deal as is, and come back later, or just leave it and go about their business.

Things she will not grant: Interference in another's life without their consent, will not kill. Ever. Control over another. She cannot revive the dead, although she can, for the right price, contact their spirit. Note: With the exception of not killing and revival of the dead, sometimes Plot/Fate can dictate that these bounds are overstepped.

Things that do not cost anything: Emotions, talking. Discussing, giving advice and so forth. Fortune Telling, however, costs something unless Fate or Plot demands otherwise. Subtly working things in their Proper Direction. She can't truly act without another's intervention, but she knows how to bend the rules without breaking them (IE: To the point where she manipulatedPhoenix to save Flavius/Hastur. She had the power to do it, but needed him to make the actual wish.)

She also has the ability to spawn portals similar to Normal!Alta's time gates. Although purple in color, they have the same consistent effect. Loud buzzing and the smell of burning ozone. Altalita only uses this ability when she's feeling particularly dramatic. It should be noted that 'living' constructs she creates typically display this ability as well, unless otherwise specified (Whether ICly or OOCly).

Defensively, she has many, MANY protections that Fate grants. How these visually manifest will depend on what she's being attacked with. Altalita will rarely, if ever, strike back in her own defense. When she does, she goes for deflection, non-killing blows, and evasion.

Other Notes:

Scanning Devices vary on what they can pick up. Ones that work scientifically, Altalita's human where it matters, with weird energy levels that tend to be varyingly, if startlingly high. In this sense means that she started out as human, now she's been considerably altered through various mystical means.

To extrasensory abilities, she's not human. She seems like that was at least her original base, but she's not human anymore. Tied deeply into Fate's webs, and shielded/warded as expected. This includes psychic barriers, although she'll allow a level of communication through, if there's a threat, these shields lock down and prevent all psychic communication.

It should be noted that Altalita as a Mistress of Fate is neither good nor evil, however, she tends to act more towards the neutral good end of the scale. Her job (so to speak), typically forces a true neutral position, regardless of what her personal opinion on the matter is.

Note: It is possible to kill her. It takes a hell of a lot, and she'll typically flee before that happens, but if/when she's killed, she respawns in her own shop, body, possessions, everything fading from place she was killed (this includes if you steal an object off of her person, such as her PINpoint or even something as simple as a bracelet. It will fade with her). This is because she is still in Fate's service, and despite being killed, that is not the point where she's Fated To End.

Out of Character Information:

Character Journal for play at Dear_Multiverse and the related communities. Altalita's original concept is owned by Kintotech, stuff by other muns is owned by their respective owners. This was done at the blessing of Yuuko's mun, for the record.

NOTE: Occasionally, this journal delves into the Not Safe For Work territory. When it does, entries are edited to reflect this fact, and are typically friends-locked as well.

As for Wish Prices: Those are discussed with the writer of the pup in question, I contact you, or you contact me, and we work something out based on that.


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