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* [ profile] im2sexy4mysnark steps in here! Ta-da!

* [ profile] telekineclectic is already here. Isn't that neat?

* `Lita[OfftotheSide] indeed! It's ~amazing~, "To tell you the price, I'm going to need to know exactly," She drapes in a chair with her drink, "What it is you want."

* Jolf isn't here at all.

* Shadow][out pauses. This is rather abrupt, isn't it?

<Shadow][out> "Hang about... Miss

<Shadow][out> 'Lita. What is it exactly that you do?"

<`Lita[OfftotheSide]> "Mmm?" She sips her drink. "I'm a servant of Fate. One of many, and I've the power to grant a wish for the price Fate demands."

* Shadow][out listens, and then sits down. Even though he's only a thoughtform projection, old habits die hard. "Oh. I... well. Nexus, I suppose." He rubs his face. Another habit.

<`Lita[OfftotheSide]> "Indeed, like I said. All possibilities happen here." And do you have any idea how much of a bitch it is to keep up with? Especially with all you time lords hanging about?

<Jolf> ((Time Lords: *aren't sorry in the slightest*))

<Shadow][out> "What I mean is, I've read about the Fates, and I know what they're capable of, and... yeah." He knows we're Not Fucking Around here, and is going to be very careful.

<`Lita[OfftotheSide]> "I'm not one of the fates themselves, I answer to them." Vague gesture, "It's a complex relationship to say the least." Seriously. Fate. Is. a. bitch.

<Shadow][out> "Yes well. The mirror, I'm. I'm tetraplegic. And when I looked into the mirror, I changed. I didn't have my ability, but I was whole. I could walk. I could... swim and run and ... it's just something that I hadn't had in over thirty years. It's hard to explain." He looks disturbed. Or is that emotional? He's a guy, he's trying not to be.

* `Lita[OfftotheSide] nods, sipping her drink. Allowing him to continue without comment on the whole emotional thing.

<Shadow][out> "One of my mates, my friends, has something he obtained here in the Nexus. It brings him to life. Ah. He's dead, you see. Living dead." He pauses. "Once in a while, he's able to have a normal life again."

<`Lita[OfftotheSide]> "And I presume," She says thoughtfully, leaning back, tapping her chin with her hand and recrossing her legs, "You wish for something similar, an equivalent?"

<Shadow][out> "I have this feeling it's too much to ask for something permanent." He looks at the floor. He feels like he's begging, and he can't stop himself.

* `Lita[OfftotheSide] (it technically isn't, but Fate isn't going to let her say that), "Alas, it is, Grey." For you. Your position in Fate's webs don't want you to have such an ability permanently. "But a temporary one is certainly possible." Her gaze flashes to a distant one for a second, 'looking' at the price. "The price would be your Celtic Cross tattoo, dear."

* Shadow][out pauses, looks down at his bare feet. The right one has an ornate, black-inked Celtic cross, created by a man who was at once a priest and a tattoo artist. He had also been on commission by the Bureau, up until the day he died. He was a gifted artist, and a devout catholic. The combination of the two had made for a powerful protective talisman. "I... that's what you'd need?"

<`Lita[OfftotheSide]> "Mhm."

<Shadow][out> "Ah..." He studies his foot. "It's a singular thing. I suppose that's the point."

* `Lita[OfftotheSide] finishes her drink and sets the glass on the nearby table, "The price is, of course, non-negotiable, but you're free to say whether or not you agree to it."

* Shadow][out lowers his gaze again, thinking, weighing what he had and what could be. After a few long moments, he looks up again.

<Shadow][out> "Yes. I agree."

* `Lita[OfftotheSide] stands, straightening her dress and stretching a moment. She steps towards him thoughtfully, and reaches out with one hand towards his right foot. There's a subtle sensation of tingling. Like static or something similar, little pinpricks of power and magic being enacted. It should be noted that as the cross's design is drawn away from his *projection*, it fades from existence on his person back at the bureau as well. Leaving a floating outline above the palm of her hand. A floating outline that spins and occasionally flickers with a little tint of her power (which has a bluish hue, by the way).

* Shadow][out watches this, fascinated. Holy shit on a stick.

* `Lita[OfftotheSide] it flits away to god knows where (..Good luck sorting that, Li. It's not exactly tangible.) She grins a little and gestures with her other hand. Swirls of blue-white hued power come to focus above her hand, forming into a silvery-blue bottle with a cross-like stopper on the top, about the size of a perfume bottle. "When you take this." She explains, voice a little distant, "You will take on the form you were previously. But be aware. It's only temporary, lasting a day to a few at best." (Mun choice on which) "And you have a limited amount of how much is in this bottle." Which may or may not be more than it appears, "You will not have any of your current form's powers or abilities, and I recommend having a smart way back to your bed for when it wears off." The last is said with a bit of a snrk. And when she finishes explaining, she offers the bottle to him.

* Shadow][out is beyond making light of the situation. He reaches out and very gingerly takes the bottle from her. He looks to her and then back to it again. "I drink it?"

<`Lita[OfftotheSide]> The bottle is cool to the touch, despite *not existing* five seconds ago. "Mhm. Either in your projection form, or find a way to drink it in your human one. Whichever one drinks it will change, and the other will vanish."

* Shadow][out won't feel the cool. He can only sense pressure in this form; it has no nerve endings. "Ah. I understand."

<Shadow][out> "From before... the elven?" Well, that should be interesting.

<`Lita[OfftotheSide]> "And a simple drop'll do you good. No downing the whole thing, or that'll waste it." And she nods.

<Shadow][out> "Oh, oh no, I wouldn't." He's still staring at it, as if it's a gift from the gods. Which... well. It sort of is. He very carefully unstoppers the bottle and looks in.

<Jolf> ((<bottle> Hihowaya.))

<`Lita[OfftotheSide]> Clear liquid! Not too exciting, really.

* Shadow][out is so very curious. His form solidifies for a moment, and he covers the hole with his finger, turns the bottle over. When he turns it upright again, a single drop of the liquid is left on his finger. He looks at her for a beat, and then licks it off his finger.

<`Lita[OfftotheSide]> **And he'll change! How that happens ~effect~ wise is up to Vorko*

<`Lita[OfftotheSide]> ((<Dag> ASASDASFS WHAT.))

* Shadow][out huhs. It doesn't taste like anything.

* Shadow][out ... it's not supposed to taste like anything. He looks down at himself, and his skin is dark. The bottle is cool in his hand.

* `Lita[OfftotheSide] does good work, sir.

* Shadow][out looks at his other hand... and smiles. "Hah! Ahahah, ahh..." He stoppers the bottle again and slips it into the pocket of his leather jerkin. "... ah, luv. That... thank you." :D

<`Lita[OfftotheSide]> "You're welcome, sweet." ♥ "Will that be all?" She goes to collect her glass.

<Shadow][out> "Yeah, I mean. Yes! Yes, I... ah. Yes! No, wait. Wait, I hope you don't mind..." He stands up and hugs her. OMG. eee

* `Lita[OfftotheSide] is hugged! Her clothes are silk, by the way. And she's all warm curves. She chuckles a bit and hugs him back with one arm (as her other hand still has the empty glass)

<Shadow][out> "Um. Heh." He's all grins and smiles and brightness. "I should let you get back to... to... yes. Out there." 8D

<`Lita[OfftotheSide]> "G'won." She gestures. She'll follow. :3

<Shadow][out> "First thing I'll do is have a beer," he's saying as they leave.

* `Lita[OfftotheSide] snorts

* `Lita[OfftotheSide] and follows
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